September 18, 2009

Ubuntu : Network and Local Repo Configuration

Posted in Ubuntu tagged , at 6:09 pm by subodhrohilla

Configuring Network :

After noticing that it is not that straightforward for a new user  to configure the lan by just double clicking the icons .

Here is  a step-by-step guide to specify the simple basic steps :-

1) In the task-bar area ( Upper rightmost corner ) , you will see a LAN icon , just right click and select edit connections.

2) Click on wired tab and select eth0 (If clicking is disabled then click n unlock and enter your password)

3) Click on edit button

4) In new window select IPv4 Settings tab

5) In method select manual ( Default is DHCP so change that )

6) Click on add and in three columns enter your ip address,subnet mask and gateway respectively.

7) Now, do not FORGET to press ENTER otherwise the columns will not be saved.

8 ) Write the dns server in dns server  box and check the connect automatically button

9) Click apply

10) Left click on the lan icon and then click on eth0 .

11) Finally, network on ubuntu is configured 🙂

Configuring Local Repository :

Now comes the problem of updating from the local repository which most of the users find difficult

But  actually it is very simple and effortless . You just need to follow the following steps :-

1) Open Applications>Terminal from the leftmost menu

2) In terminal type :- sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bitrepo-jaunty.list

3) It asks for password , enter the password used during installation

But still there is one problem that when you install some software , it is downloaded from internet not from local repository

To remove that : –

1) Click System>Administration>Software Sources

2) Enter your password and UNCHECK all checkboxes in first tab

3) Click on close

Now,the software will be installed from lan and not from damn slow internet 🙂


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